Estate Planning

Planned Succession is a specialist personal and business estate planning advisory service that helps you to pass on your hard-earned wealth to those who you care about most by making the law work to your advantage.

We help a wide range of clients including those just starting out in life, young and mature families alike, people winding down for retirement and those who now have the time to take life a bit easier.  Our private clients have many things in common, not least of which is their desire to make sure that their wishes are met, that their assets pass to those they love and care about with the minimum of fuss, that as little as possible is lost to Inheritance Tax and that they remain free to choose what happens to the value their family home represents.

If you own your own business, are in a partnership or have shares in a private limited company, then making sure that the equity or the value that it represents passes to your chosen beneficiaries free of Inheritance Tax is usually a prime concern.  Likewise, if you are a pharmacist or a medical or dental professional working in whole or in part within the NHS, then your affairs tend to be more complex and frequently require an additional layer of planning.

From time-to-time, we all need outside advice, and Planned Succession is not just about providing for today, it’s also about protecting and securing the future.  We provide a bespoke solution to your needs by working closely with your existing advisers as part of an advice collective, with your interests being protected by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.

Planned Succession is a member of the Society of Will Writers.

To find out how Planned Succession can help you to protect and secure your future, please contact us on 0203 303 0963 or by email on